7 Reason To Include Charoli In Your Diet

7 Reason To Include Charoli In Your Diet

If you are looking for a nut who is pack with nutrition you must include dry fruits like Charoli in your daily diet .becouse it is a complete pack of nutrition and mineral along with dietary fiber, that’s why it is used in Ayurvedic medicine also, according to Ayurveda Charoli leaves, seeds , and oil everything is very useful it has high dietary fiber, vitamin B1, B2, C, Charoli content high protein, good cholesterol it is a good replacement for almond nuts .
Charoli taste is little buttery, nutty taste and you also feel the mild aromatic flavor while chewing


 To make your stomach movent smooth and keep it healthy Charoli oil is a very good choice because it has ASTRINGENT property. according to Ayurveda in stomach related problem its root and oil can be used and you can also include seeds in daily diet .if you are suffering from dyria you can consume few drops of Charoli oil with juice or ORS.


If you always suffer from cold and cough problem, and you are looking for some natural product you must try charoli has a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory property. just add few oil drops in steaming water and inhale steam, it can help you to get some relief naturally.


According to Ayurveda, you must include charoli seeds and oil in your diet during summer. because it has a property to clean your body internally and keep the internal body temperature balance by removing heat.


Charoli oil is like health tonic for your skin it helps to remove dark circle and make your skin lock fresh and anyone who is more concern about there skin and only wants to use a natural product he/she can use oil and includes seeds in their daily diet. know day you will see many cosmetic companies are also using charoli seeds as the main ingredient for their product because they know seeds are pack with minerals which is very good for skin.


One of the most common health problems know days, you will notice every were is diabetes, you will even notice very young age people are also suffering from this problem sometimes it’s genetic but most of the time it is because of stress and fast lifestyle we are living and not taking the proper complete diet. according to some researchers charoli can help you to maintain your blood sugar level balance it also has antioxidant property also because it has good source of protein and dietary fiber. and less amount of cholesterol you can also include in your diet to control your weight.


Charoli oil has a good anti-inflammatory property topical application of oil helps to reduce the thyroid gland swelling.if you are suffering from joint pain and swelling on the joints due to arthritis you can also try oil on the joints. along with joint pain and inflammation if you suffering from skin infection or any insect bytes you can apply oil also.

If you want to strengthen your reproductive system you must use roasted seeds, you can use roasted and ground seeds along with milk .roasted charoli seeds has good aphrodisiac property. that help to solve the sexual problem, it also helps sperm quality and motility.