6 Type Of Biryani In Different State

Biryani is one of the most famous dishes among non-veg lover If anyone would have to describe biryani in a simple sentence it would be it would be a combination of cooked rice and meet with a special ingredient.

this is simple ingredients is the spices available in that particular region and the way of cooking the biryani which gives the special touch and makes it special

urdu word biryani is derived from the Persian language some believe the origin of the word biryani is from north India

you will find various type of biryani in a different part of region mostly this is because the availability of the different type of rice and meat in that particular region, and not only the non-veg you also see the veg version of biryani but the base ingredients are rice and region special garam-masla is always there.


  • chicken biryani
  • mutton biryani
  • egg biryani
  • fish biryani
  • prawn biryani
  • veg biryani

there are two way for preparing the biryani one where you put all the ingredients in a pot and cooked together and in another type of cooking is when you half cooked all base ingredient separately and after that put all the ingredient together with different layer and the cooked

different ingredient all together with base ingredients play a greater role in making your biryani special and increase its flavour even changing the meet type also give you differnt taste, you can use mutton, chicken, fish, prawn, or egg you will notice there is change in the taste same go with the rice you use in the biryani there is also varities of rice is available.and we cannot forget about the magical ingredint indian spicey like black peppar, bay leaves,cinnmom, small cardamom, cloves,  ginger,fresh coriader,fresh  mint , garlic all spices to gether add flovour to your biryani.