Chole masala recipe | chole recipe | How to make Chole masala recipe

Chole masala recipe

Chole masala recipe is one of the most common dishes you will see in any restaurant menu or any house party .it also known as Kabuli chana masala, white chana or chickpeas.

It is easy to prepare with dry roasted masala and taste yummy and it goes great with naan or puri.



  • Dried white chickpeas(Kabuli chana)- 1 cup or 200 grams.
  • Water 3 cups.
  • Salt – ½ tsp.


  • Onion – finely chopped – 1 medium size.
  • Tomato- finely chopped – 1 medium size.
  • coriander leaves-chopped -2 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder (haldi)– ¼ tsp.
  • Red chili powder (lal-mirch)- ½ tsp.
  • Amchur powder -1 tsp.
  • Garam masala powder -1/4 tsp.
  • 1 tsp of ginger –garlic paste.
  • Green chili slit -3
  • Cooking oil -2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste.
  • 2 cup of water


  • Bay leaf (tej patta) – 2 medium size.
  • 2 Black Cardamom(Badi Elaichi).
  • 1-inch cinnamon stick (Dalchini).
  • 5 small Cardamom(Chooti Elaichi).
  • 4 Cloves (Laung).
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds(jeera).
  • 1 dry Kashmiri red chilies.
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds(saunf)


  • Rinse and Soak the chole(chickpeas) in water for overnight.
  • Add dry amla powder for dark color.
  • Then pressure cook the soaked chole adding 2 cups of water and, cook for 7 to 8 whistle.
  • For preparing Chola masala to start with dry roasting all above mention whole spices on low heat.
  • Keep stirring the dry spices on low flame, once it turns little brown, take down from the flame.
  • Prepare the fine paste using spice grinder once all the roasted dry spices are cooled


  • Heat cooking oil in kadai or pan on medium flame and add cumin seeds.
  • Once seeds start sizzling add chopped onion and sauté it in low flame till onion turns a little brown.
  • Next, add chopped tomatoes and keep cooking in low flame, till it turns soft.
  • One by one add red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and the fresh masala we have prepared. cook on low flame till oil starts to ooze out.
  • Add slit green chili and mix it.
  • Add soaked chickpeas and mix it well.
  • Next, add 2 cups of water or stock in which chana was boiled.
  • Add salt according to taste.
  • On low to medium flame cook without a lid.
  • If gravy is thin mesh some chana and cooks for the right consistency . or if it is too thick add some water.
  • Add amchur powder and mix.
  • Top up with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Chola masala goes well with pooris or kulchas.