Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe With Home Made Kolhapuri Chicken Masala

Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe

Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe is spicy, delicious and mouth-watering chicken recipe and one of the most popular dishes served in restaurants . Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe gets it delicious taste from freshly prepared aromatic kolhapuri masala, that you can prepare at home using roasted & and freshly ground spices



  1. Chicken cut into medium size -500 gram

      2. Onions finely chopped – 2

      3. Tomato chopped large size– 1

      4. Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp.

      5.Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 Tsp

      6. Fresh Coriander Leaves chopped– half cup

     7.Salt to taste

     8.Cooking Oil – 4 Tsp

    9.Lime juice -2 tbsp.



1-inch cinnamon stick (Dalchini).

2 Black Cardamom(Badi Elaichi).

5 small Cardamom(Chooti Elaichi).

5 peppercorns(saboot kali mirch).

2 tsp Coriander Seeds(Saboot dhania).

1/2 teaspoon Mace (Javitri).

Jaiphal small piece.

4 Cloves (Laung).

Sesame seeds – 1 tbsp.

Poppy seeds -2 tbsp

1 tsp cumin .

Dried coconut – 1/4 cup.

Dry Red chilies -4 to 5.



  • Start with Dry roasting all the dry spices powder ingredients on low flame add sesame and poppy seeds at the end,     saute until all the ingredients change its color and start looking golden brown and keep it aside.
  • Also, dry roast grated coconut in low flame till it turns golden brown in color or 5/6 minutes and keeps it aside.
  • Next, grind all the dry roasted spices, coconut, salt, and turmeric powder add little water and prepared the fine paste.
  • Keep aside the aromatic kolhapuri masala. and start preparing the kolhapuri chicken recipe.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan adds finely chopped onion, fry on low flame until it starts looking little golden brown.
  • add ginger garlic paste and cook on low flame
  • Next, add chopped tomatoes and cook in low flame till tomatoes turn soft.
  • Once onion and tomatoes mix properly add aromatic kolhapuri masala and keep cooking on low flame add little water and wait till it starts boiling.
  • While your masala is cooking. marinate the chicken with lime juice, salt and turmeric mix it well and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  • Once you chicken masala is boiled add marinated chicken pieces also add some water to get the right consistency.
  • give a nice stir, cover the pan and cook on low to medium flame for 15 to 20 minutes or till the time chicken gets cooked.
  • top up with chopped coriander leaves give a nice stir.
  • Serve chicken kolhapuri with rice or roti.


  • make sure the chicken pieces cut properly especially from the joint otherwise while cooking meat starts loosing from the bones.
  • use white skin and flesh do not use yellow skin and flash chicken.
  • if you are using small pieces of chicken there is no need to pressure cook .for large size chicken pieces you can cook in pressure cooker for up to 2 whistles.
  • while cooking the chicken masala can stick to the bottom so to avoid this try to use non-stick pan or kadhai.
  • For juicy, tender and uniformly cooked chicken pieces cook in moderate to low temperature. high temperature squeezes out the juice and makes chicken pieces hard.
  • marinate chicken for at least 2 hours .if you marinate for more time it will taste more yummy.
  • You can purchase the readymade kolhapuri masala available in the market.