Lauki Ka Halwa | Dudhi Halwa Recipe | Homemade Halwa Recipe

Lauki Ka Halwa

Lauki Ka Halwa is among the few sweet recipes that I enjoy any time, and more importantly, it is easily available all seasons.

its also called dudhi ka halwa

in this, post you will get step by step method to prepare the Lauki Ka Halwa sweet dish without using khoya



  • Lauki or Dudhi Grated(Bottle Ground) – 500 gram.
  • Desi Ghee – 1 cup.
  • Sugar – half cup.
  • milk – 1 cup.
  • cashew nuts -10
  • Almonds- 10.
  • Makhana – half cup
  • Raisin or kishmish – 10/15.
  • Chironji – 2 tbsp.
  • cardamon powder -1 tbsp.
  • grated coconut -3 tbsp.

Grating Lauki

  • Start with rinsing louki properly then peel and grate it. important thing before making halwa taste lauki if its taste bitter or sour do not use.

Preparing lauki ka halwa.

  • start with heating kadai or pan on low heat.
  • then add desi ghee. keep the flame low.
  • once ghee has done one by one add all the chopped dry fruits, Almond.cashew, makhanas, raisins, chironji and fry on a low flame.
  • Once it turns little golden brown remove it from the ghee.
  • Use same pan and ghee for sauteing lauki, stir often while sauteing on a low flame.
  • keep sauteing till the moisture dries.
  • next, add milk and keep cooking on low flame till it comes to boil.also keep stirring at times.
  • once milk gets reduced to 3/4 add sugar and mix it.
  • cook for more 5 minutes so the mixture starts getting thick.
  • Next, add cardamom powder, fried dry fruits, and grated coconut mix it well at cook it few more minute on a low flame.
  • when you start seeing ghee from the sides and halwa get thick it’s ready to serve.
  • Lauki Ka Halwa is ready to serve garnish with chopped nuts and serve.
  • Before making halwa taste louki if its bitter do not use.
  • you can use more sugar according to taste.
  • you can avoid using grated coconut.


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