PANEER SHASHLIK  is a great home party dish using grilled paneer and vegetable with a coating of spices and fresh ingredients.


  • 300 gms cottage cheese (paneer) cut into a small cube shape.
  • one capsicum(Shimla Mirch) cut into 6 pieces.
  • 6/7 baby corn
  • two small onion(pyaz) cut into 4 pieces.
  • 5/6 french beans chopped and boiled.
  • one carrot(gajar) .
  • one tomato cut into 6 pieces.
  • one cup basmati rice washed and cooked for 10 minutes not cooked.
  • 3/4 cloves(loung).
  • 2 green cardamom(green illaichi).
  • one bay leaf (tej patta).
  • one tablespoon oil.
  • two tablespoon salt.
  • one teaspoon lemon juice.


  • 4 big size tomatoes and chopped roughly.
  • 2 flakes chopped garlic.
  • 1 small size of chopped ginger.
  • 2 green chili.
  • half teaspoon red chili powder.
  • 1 green cardamom(chhoti illaichi).
  • 2 cloves (loung).
  • salt to taste.
  • 1 tablespoon honey.
  • 1 tablespoon butter.
  • salt to taste.
  • 1 tablespoon cornflour.


  • For preparing tomato sauce take 2 cups of water in a pan put add tomatoes, green chili, ginger, garlic,laung(cloves),chooti illaichi(cardamom) and red chili, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes in low flame.
  • after 5 minutes mash the tomato it turns soft and pulpy.
  • take away the pan from fire once mixture gets little-cooled blend in a mixer and strain it.
  •  heat a pan over a low flame add butter, salt, honey and tomato puree.
  • add cornflour and stir on low flame till the mixture gets slightly thick. and keep the sauce aside.
  • cut the paneer in small cube shape and fry till it becomes little brown in color.
  • once all the side paneer cube turns brown take immediately and soaks in 3 cups salted hot water after 10 minutes remove from the water and add to the sauce.
  • repeat the process with baby corn/onion and capsicum and wait till it becomes little brown.
  • boil 4 cups of water and add tej patta(bay leaf), salt,chhoti illaichi (cardamom),laung(cloves), oil and lemon juice once it gets a boil, add rice and cook rice till it almost done.
  • take the hot rice on a serving plate.
  • add sauce from the top of the rice and add paneer cubes, capsicum and onion/baby corn.
  • on the top placed boiled carrots and beans.