What Is Keto Diet And Is It Healthy | Ketosis diet plan

What Is Keto Diet And Is It Healthy

What Is Keto Diet And Is It Healthy, recently we have seen that the keto diet has become extremely popular. people are getting more aware of how the keto diet can be helpful in their health issues.

Keto diet not only helps in just weight loss issue but it also helps in other health issues like diabetes, heart.

But What Is Keto Diet?

a keto diet is a form of dieting which is high in fats, adequate protein and low in carbs.

a typical keto diet meals come with 75 % fat, 20% protein, 5 % carbohydrates.

The main aim is to fine-tune with the nutrition intake in order to send the body into the metabolic state known as ketosis (Keto diet)

Normally high carb diet, broken down into glucose or blood sugar for use of energy, so when glucose enters your bloodstream, and for storing excess glucose as the fat body releases insulin. more carb =more glucose


So when your diet is high in fat and low carbs, insulin spike is not there, you don’t add to fat reserve.

instead of fat from diet and fat that is stored are broken down to ketosis

like glucose ketosis can be used for energy, and your body keeps on running without increasing blood sugar or putting excess fat. overall keto diet is an excellent way for burning fat

its also very helpful in fighting type 2 diabetes , because of type 2 diabetes. your body experiences a high level of insulin. since excess sugar from your diet is taken by keto it helps to stabilize.